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Starting in mid-September, 2014, school will be 1 hour late on Mondays for teacher inservices.  This will be every Monday for the remainder of the 2014-15 school year.
Please Support our Community and JCC Schools by participating in the Community Pride Project or Dollars for Scholars.
Upcoming Events
District Announcements
Scholarship Information

JCC Community Scholarship information will be available from the Counseling Office on Friday, March 21st.

DEADLINE for these Community Scholarships is 3:00 p.m.; WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 2014.

Please check out the Scholarship Explanation page.

School Announcements
Report Card Announcement
High School 3rd Quarter Report Cards are now available thru on-line parent access.  *Report Cards will not be mailed to your home.   

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Lunch Menu          Tater Tot Hot Dish & Roll or Spicy Chicken Patty on a Bun, Whole Kernel Corn, Broccoli & Cauliflower Bites, Juice Grape Tomatoes, Diced Peaches, Apple Wedges


  • High School 3rd Quarter Report Cards are now available thru on-line parent access.  *Report Cards will not be mailed to your home.   
  • Prom Tickets are on sale! They will be available for purchase before and after school Tuesday and Thursdays in Ms. Thompson’s room (#26 in the science wing) until April 17th. You MUST purchase a ticket before you can sign up for Grand March. Those who sign up earlier will be earlier in the Grand March order. Tickets are $30/piece for a dinner package.
  • Those students who have already purchased a prom ticket can pick up the actual ticket in Ms. Thompson’s room before or after school. If you haven’t signed up for a table you can do so at that time. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, the last day to purchase a prom ticket is April 17th. Pick up an information packet at the office if you haven’t done so yet.
  • The final deadline for pre-ordering a yearbook is April 25. After that date yearbooks will be sold next year on a first come basis. There will be limited yearbooks for sale at that time. To ensure you get a yearbook, please order by April 25th.
  • Detention will be held today from 3:05p.m. to 3:45p.m. in Mr. Voss's room (Ag Room).
  • Students with Library Books checked out:  All books are due back to the Library after 3 weeks.  After this time they must be renewed or returned.  Please review the books you have checked out.  The Media Center still have overdue books from September of 2013.  Thanks!
  • Students are reminded that we operate on a CLOSED CAMPUS @ JCC HIGH SCHOOL.  This means students shall remain on school premises from the time they first arrive at school at the start of the day, INCLUDING THE NOON HOUR, until the time they are dismissed at the end of the day.  ALSO...No students are to be in any personal vehicle at any time throughout the day.
  • Any student who comes to school after 8:10a.m. or leaves before 3:00p.m. must have a parent or guardian phone the main office (prior to the absence) explaining the absence.  These students must also use the SIGN IN/SIGN OUT SHEET in the main office.  Absences of students who fail to use the sign in/sign out sheet will be considered UNEXCUSED.
  • The computers in the Media Center are for students doing school work.  There will be NO playing of music or games on these computers.  This includes before and after school.
  • The gates at the bottom of the stairwells will be shut and locked @ 4:30p.m. each day.  No students are to be in the upper locker area after 4:30p.m.
  • NUISANCE ITEMS (Cell Phones, I-Pods, Pagers, Pen Lights, Radios, etc.): if a students is in possession of this type of item during class time, the item will be confiscated and taken to the Main Office. On the first offense, the student may pick their item up at the end of the school day.  For EACH offense after the first, the student must pay a fine of $5.00 to retrieve their item at the end of the school day.
  • The annual talent show is coming up on May 2, 2014!  Sign up at the main office by April 30.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. T.

  • For all cheerleaders on the varsity team for the upcoming school year: There will be a meeting at 3:00p.m. TODAY in room #28 in the high school. It will be for sizing and ordering for next year. Everyone should please attend.  It will be as short as possible.
  • ** Reminder to all Athletes and Extra Curricular Activities Participants - in order to compete you must be in school ALL day on the day of an event or competition and you must be here by 11:00a.m. in order to practice.  


  • MCA Testing will be done on April 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th & May 7th & 8th.
  • Thursday, April 17th is MID-QUARTER!             
  • We will have an Early Dismissal on Thursday, April 17th for Staff Development.  Our schedule that day will be:
                                            7th hour     8:10a.m. -  9:05a.m.
                                            6th hour     9:09a.m. - 10:04a.m.
                                            5th hour   10:08a.m. - 11:03a.m.  ALL 5th hour classes
                                            4th hour    11:07a.m. - 12:02p.m.
                                             Lunch will be served @ 12:02p.m.
                         Busses will depart the High School @ 12:30p.m. SHARP!
  • NO SCHOOL - Friday, April 18th & Monday, April 21st - SPRING BREAK.

  • DEADLINE for the Community Scholarships is 3:00 p.m.; TODAY.

                                                           COLLEGE VISIT SCHEDULE
    Tuesday, April 22nd                          Marine Corps                                                      11:50a.m.
Jackson Pool Hours 4/17 - 4/21

The Jackson Pool will be having LAP SWIM & OPEN SWIM!

Thursday, April 17th - Lap Swim 11:30 to 1 ~ Open Swim1:00-5:00p.m.
Friday, April 18th - Lap Swim 5:30 to 8a.m. & 
11:30 to 1 ~ Open Swim 1:00-5:00p.m.
Saturday, April 19th – Open Swim 1:00-5:00p.m.
Sunday, April 20th - CLOSED
Monday, April 21st -
Lap Swim 5:30 to 8a.m. & 11:30 to 1 ~ Open Swim 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Honor Roll
Student Name Gr Student Name Gr
Anderson, Jayni F 9 Bahr, Easton S 9
Benson, Abigail L 9 Bargfrede, Zachary C 9
Biehn, Alexandra C 9 Boyer, Bailey M 9
Fischer, Bailee J 9 Cavness, Karli C 9
John, Megan 9 Christopher, Jacob L 9
Johnson, Sophie R 9 Cihak, Chyenne C 9
Kellner, Michaela E 9 Cleland, Destany L 9
Krosch, Emmalee A 9 Edlin, Jacey R 9
Lilleberg, Annika D 9 Ertz, Dillon D 9
Luhmann-Reyes, Rhilynn J 9 Feroni, Nico A 9
Meyer, Liberty K 9 Gumto, Christopher G 9
Mohning, Ashley M 9 Heinrichs, Carter J 9
Nunez, Josephine A 9 Heinrichs, Shania J 9
Pietz, Erica C 9 Horn, Josie N 9
Preuss, Logan L 9 Johnson, Darrius W 9
Price, Haley J 9 Johnson, Riley S 9
Ringeisen, Ally M 9 Jones, Troy A 9
Sassenrath, Jenna 9 Klontz, Keegan A 9
Schultz, Teague J 9 Kruse, Elizabeth A 9
Sundall, Kaitlin M 9 Morrison, Emily S 9
Ulbricht, Joshua 9 Neal, Natalie N 9
Wacker, Lacey L 9 OConnor, Kayla A 9
Palmer, Alexa O 9
Pederson, Emily L 9
Reetz, Sara M 9
VanWesten, Anna M 9
Vancura, Madelyn G 9
Weier, Wyatt G 9
Wrightson, Hunter M 9
Bass, Haley J 10 Baker, Gabriel D 10
Brinkman, Abigail M 10 Behrends, Bodey D 10
Cleberg, Christian M 10 Benson, Emmalie J 10
Dose, Rebecca L 10 Bezdicek, Jadin J 10
Dunlavey, Ana P 10 Drexler, Kayla R 10
Koehne, Nicolas C 10 Fisk, Hope I 10
Nyborg, Sydney M 10 Gee, Annemarie E 10
Post, Maggie B 10 Heser, Hunter P 10
Reed, Nicholas R 10 Hutzler, Jordan B 10
Zhang, Janice 10 Johnson, Elyse M 10
Kolander, Caleb L 10
Miller, Michael J 10
Monson, Nathen 10
Petersen, Justin W 10
Phillips, Talon J 10
Pohlman, Jersee M 10
Pygman, Luke T 10
Sauter, Stephanie J 10
Schubert, Evan D 10
Schuetz, Joshua 10
Stevens, Shelby L 10
VanWesten, James D 10
Brandt, Sarah J 11 Arp, Nicholas W 11
Brinkman, Joseph M 11 Benson, Alison S 11
Buhr, Lauren M 11 Brewer, Tearza A 11
Buresch, Michelle J 11 Burmeister, Kaylee R 11
Eddy, Sydney C 11 Carlson, Moira L 11
Edwards, Samantha J 11 Christopher, Scott A 11
Heiden, Dustin L 11 Croatt, Isaiah J 11
Holmberg, Hannah E 11 Darling, Warren D 11
Kalfs, Macy L 11 Edlin, Megan N 11
Norland, Luke J 11 Fischer, Alec J 11
Price, Devin J 11 Guggisberg, Hannah J 11
Vancura, Michaela C 11 Hansen, Faith E 11
Hesse, Andrew C 11
Horn, Nathaniel B 11
Jandera, Jessica L 11
Johnson, Aaron M 11
Jones, Nathan T 11
Kapplinger, Kyle S 11
Markman, Blaney A 11
Moore, Paden S 11
OConnor, Jared T 11
Olson, Austin T 11
Patel, Nishi K 11
Porter, Kortney N 11
Ringkob, Jackson K 11
Rossow, Grace A 11
Schmit, Brandon J 11
Schneekloth, Bailey E 11
Schneekloth, Riley K 11
Schumann, Julia M 11
Somnis, Derek W 11
Stoltenberg, Katrina M 11
Tate, Patrick J 11
Wigans, Katherine A 11
Anderson, Paige P 12 Baker, Christopher G 12
Boell, Taylor L 12 Bannister, Brooklin J 12
Christoffer, Joshua L 12 Bannister, Kenna M 12
Flatgard, Jeremiah S 12 Benson, Shelby E 12
Harnett, Haley J 12 Bettin, Marissa A 12
Hartzler, Jenna B 12 Bingel, Marek S 12
Holmberg, Andrew D 12 Cook, Jessica L 12
Petersen, Jenna M 12 Cuellar, Adrian P 12
Schlager, Natalie N 12 Cushman, Jordan D 12
Seivert, Robert D 12 Drahota, Mackenzie M 12
Swift, Samantha K 12 Gran, Narissa T 12
Greenside, Devin R 12
Gustafson, Bradley B 12
Harmening, Jon B 12
Hatfield, Brenna L 12
Heckard, Monica A 12
Henning, Christina F 12
Hoffman, Lexie D 12
Holthe, Angela S 12
Ignaszewski, Zachary T 12
Johannessen, Randi 12
Klontz, Hunter K 12
Lilleberg, Emma K 12
Livingston, Wyatt J 12
Lucht, Dallas K 12
Lucht, Izaac A 12
Maras, Devon M 12
Nasby, Peter A 12
Paulson, Zachary J 12
Place, Brady J 12
Portz, Erin M 12
Price, Jayde D 12
Rademacher, Shelby D 12
Sauter, Ryleigh P 12
Schmit, Matthew A 12
Sorensen, Bethany A 12
Timko, Miranda J 12
Timmer, Kassidy M 12
VanderWoude, Corri A 12
Weier, Jacob M 12
Woodke, Brittany L 12
Ziemer, Jack M 12
Class Schedule


PERIOD 1                   8:10 -   9:01

PERIOD 2                   9:05 -   9:56

Period 3                 10:00 – 10:51

Period 4                 10:55 -  11:46

Period 5A             11:50 -  12:42

Period 5A Lunch  12:42 -   1:12
          Period 5B lunch  11:46 - 12:16

Period 5B             12:16 -   1:08     

Period 6                  1:12 -    2:04

Period 7                  2:08 -    3:00

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